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Monday, Sept. 18, 2017 - 1:22 am


I am caught up in my law class, but remember none of what I read except general topics.

I am still behind by about 4 to 6 chapters each in my human behavior and policy classes, plus have assignments and a lot to do outside of school...maybe it will happen, though...time just needs to stop for the world but allow me to progress just the same.

Also, I started a student association, very unexpectedly and last minute to meet a deadline that may have not applied at all, because apparently I learned something about leadership when i was attending the community college and doing all of that crazy stuff...

Annoyingly though, I fear that it may get disbanded by next year, or that I may have to fire the person I asked to be the vice-president...he is doing the white male dominant stuff that i hate...perhaps I will point that out and ask for him to shush and listen to others for know, more diplomatically of course.

He also wants to open it to the entire campus, so like 400 students...I don't think I can handle knowing the complaints of potentially 400 students. or maintaining that sort of quorum, nor do we have space for that many on campus. So, I may be asking for advice from the faculty adviser. She will likely say that I am president, and doing all of the work, and what I say goes...after all I was the one who did all of the work to actually make it happen at all...who is he to try to run it now...

okay, resolved my own issue I think.

Having said the my "secretary" is an awesome person, and is very intelligent and aware and kind. I like her a lot as a person and classmate.

It is almost midterms, and I am terrified, really...I also noticed the law class professor wants us to read 11 chapters in the next two weeks...because yeah, she is likely on something that I don't have access to.

She also sat down in front of me during break in a very intimidating stare down and i refused to look at her. It was due to emailing her to request that she comply with my ADA accommodations, but she was clearly not happy with me telling that she hasn't been complying.

So...oh that reminds me, I got an attorney to give me her # and to speak to me. She is interested about issues i am already dealing with 5 weeks in, and wants to that's cool.

I need to send my complain re DVR too, I just got my ink refund check after 6 weeks...they were supposed to send it 6 weeks ago...

even with 100% on all assignments so far, I feel unsure that I will pass or be able to maintain this. Mostly because of my eyes and vision being so bad. The floater in my left eye is seriously irritating and takes up my entire fuzzy field of vision of my right eye and often overlaps onto my left eye. So I'm left not being able to see at all when that happens.

=*= one day i'll fly away =*=

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