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Friday, Jan. 24, 2020 - 1:33 am


My bf has no interest in sex still...but my not washing dishes at all, which means he won't cook.because it means cleaning dishes AND cooking, which he refuses to do...led to him shopping for ready made foods and that led to the literal 5th time (give it take a time) in my 11.5 years of life with him that he bought me flowers.. They are beautiful peach and burgundy roses, carnations, and burgundy daisies. Their smell makes me miss spring.

Yesterday a nearby neighbor's house to my bfs caught fire...I only heard a ton of sirens, and saw the flames reflecting off the trees...which made the trees look like they were made of flames.

I have no idea if the extent of the damage. It was in back, so you can't really see it from the street.

I have a paper due in 7 hours, half unwritten...AND I have class from 9 to 5's horrible...I hate this. I feel done. I'm trying to figure out what to do. I'm rebelling against unclear assignment directions. That's really tiring.

I've also not slept since Tuesday...on Tuesday my 15 year old cat decided to be an ass all night and actively tried 4 times to eat some silk flowers I have from several Halloween's ago, but they looked with chew marks. And last night and still currently have a cat hair wrapped around my eye. It hurts. It's a white hair so I can't see it. Anyway it all set me back...

I got a blood glucose monitor to monitor my blood sugar. All 4 tests have been 85 to 89, regardless of if fasting, if eating, if overeating candy...when or what or how much I eat isn't affecting it...according to several resources, it could indicate a type of hypoglycemia for not going up after eating. Which I've honestly suspected due to crashing asleep so often after eating (and why I bought this kit)...I hate the finger poking of it left ring finger hurts right now.

I'm going to take a brief nap and wake up and finish this paper. Have I said how much I hate this?

I get to think if possible causes of someone overworking themselves...

Like I'm doing right now...

Anyway, nap time...


=*= one day i'll fly away =*=

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